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If you are seeking overnight results please understand that you have come to the wrong place. However, if you are seeking absolute truth and lasting powerful results for your life, spiritual awareness, peace, happiness, love, then indeed you’ve found the right place. Please make no mistake  I am not saying that i can not help you! However I am saying that there is a way to achieve this with your spirit, mind and body, you must be completely open with faith and love and let go of that fear thats been tying you down. Only then we can help you create the future you desire!  


ABOUT US:  We are a family business that focuses  on Your most inner desires so let's begin making your dreams come true!

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Hello my name is Tuesday Phillips,Thank you for stoping by. I am so delighted that you're taking the timeout to Read through my website, I realize that there are many Psychics and Spell Casters which I'm sure you've seen the in  your search for help, i realize this must be very difficult and stressful time for for you, i would like to make this process is painless and easy as possible.



A truly gifted witch must be truthful, dedicated and faithful to the spiritual work that she/he does. The sad reality is that there are so many spell casters out there who are waiting for desperate people just like yourself. However, if you are seeking real magic and love spells then   you have finally found the right place California witch and her spell casters are dedicated in helping you. If you want to achieve your dreams with witchcraft spells you need to understand this can only happen when it is done correctly in other words, it’s not solely up to the spell caster to achieve your results its also your responsibility in order to get the results you desire. I want everyone to understand that spell casting magic is very complex, and love spells need to be cast in a specific way with a specific type of energy and mindset but spell casters don’t seem to explain that in which they make it seem like movie magic. We can not just wave a magic wand and with a swish and a flick all your dreams will come true within three days or less. oh how i wish that was true! If you are seeking truth and seeking love spells that actually work! Please call Tuesday Phillips now and let real magic begin. 







Hello My Name isTuesday Phillips

Hello My Name isTuesday Phillips



Let me start off by assuring you that I am extremely dedicated and passionate about witchcraft spells. My work is not just a business to me, but a gift which I am very thankful for. I treat every client with the utmost care and attentiveness. Also want to put out there that I can not accept every client, every case needs to be evaluated first. you see I am a firm believer of free will, the two people in question must be in love with each other, in order for me to take a case. But those of which I can! be assured of my full support and devotion to your love spell case.  




I am very blunt person so you will always get the truth with me. It is my calling in life to help those who are in need of spiritual care. California Witch Love Spells Los Angeles is my passion, and I take each individualized case very seriously. I am unique in that not only promise genuine witchcraft spells but I also communicate with you every step of the way to achieve your goals. 




Now that you are more familiar with who I am and what I do, let me tell you about the requirements and all that I can offer. Well each love spell casting case is special and unique each must be treated as so, tailored  perfect to each person’s life. I just want to emphasize that I DO NOT take every spell casting case, but when I do, I assure you 100% dedication my spell casting is extremely effective. I don’t do promises that I can’t fully stand by. I will only take your case if I sincerely believe I have the capability of doing so. Once you contact me, I will perform a compatibility mediation. After which, I will further provide information about the individual you are inquiring about. I will inform you about the specifics of your relationship; whether you are truly meant to be, how I can bring you two together and if there, is any blockages exists. All cases are private and confidential as well. I promise professionalism as I accommodate each client’s specific needs. If you’re ready to commit to lasting results you’ve come to the right place. 


WHAT makes me different from other PSYCHICS, AND SPELL CASTERS?


The perception that spell casters currently are associated with is being scammers. Many individuals have the wrong idea of witchcraft spells, which is falsely advertised on sites and in the media. let me try to explain briefly many psychics and spell caster on the Internet promise or guarantee overnight results, from a professional who has not only been born with this gift but comes from a family accustomed to witchcraft spells, you are being fooled!! I can not promise you an overnight, instantaneous change but I do promise results i will work with you relentlessly towards your goals. 

Love is a fight Love is a war but love is definitely Worth fighting for!

http://www.californiawitch.com Finally!! the truth from a real witch about witchcraft, psychics, spell casters, amazing!!! She will answer all your questions honestly she is completely upfront and tells you the truth.

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