Meet Tuesday Phillips

Hello, my name is Tuesday Phillips. There are many Psychics and Spell Casters out there, who I’m sure you’ve come across in your search for help. I realize this must be a very difficult and stressful time for you. Let me help guide you to make this transition and journey, painless, easy, and joyful.

I have worked as a professional Spiritual Coach for nearly 40 years. I trained in New Orleans, Louisiana studying Witchcraft and Spiritualism with my mentor, my dear Grandmother. For eight years, I studied Witchcraft, Spiritualism, Spirit Guidance and Energy Influence, under the supervision of my Grandmother. In 1986, I started my business, while continuing my studies and helping others with love, self-love, relationships, communication, energy healing, and happiness. My work has been my passion and absolute fascination that always continues to grow.

A truly gifted witch must be truthful, dedicated, and faithful to the spiritual work that she/he does. The sad reality is that there are so many spell casters out there who are waiting for people to come to them in their darkest hours. However, if you are seeking real magic and love spells then you have finally found the right place.

The main difference is my practice and craft is generational. With social media, and our current day and age, the sad truth is that spell casters have become a “fad.” People trust and purchase spells from someone practicing a craft they may not fully understand. This has led to people like me who have been doing this for as long as I have been associated with people who are truthfully just scammers. Many individuals have the wrong idea of what witchcraft actually is — because it is so falsely advertised. I cannot and do not promise overnight,instantaneous change — but I do promise results, and that I will work with you relentlessly towards your goals. If you are seeking truth and seeking witchcraft that actually works, please call to inquire for consultation and let the real magic begin.

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