You must be at least 18 years old for witchcraft spells


If your case is accepted, it takes 30 days for me to complete a spell casting and seven days from the start day

for you to start seeing results. This is different for everyone depending on the problem.

You must stay in contact with CALIFORNIA WITCH LOVE SPELLS LOS ANGELES on scheduled appointments.

All the work we do must stay private and confidential.

I do not take the Western Union or Money Grams.

You must stay in compliance with the love spells program.

I will not communicate with you through email for the simple reason that I cannot pick up on anyone's energy and vibrations without hearing your voice, and it is very important for the energy and vibrations to stay strong throughout the witchcraft spells. California witch 

If you can agree to the above, you should call me, not email, and we will begin changing your present situation and your future!

 California witch love spells Los Angeles love spell casting 

Step 1:

Call CALIFORNIA WITCH Tuesday Phillips to explain your situation and tell California witch spells the truth about what is going on. She needs details about you and the other person involved, like full names, and dates of birth. From here, She will have to evaluate the situation, which will take her one hour to do so, and she will let you know how she can help you with


Step 2

If your case is accepted, it is mandatory that you stay in contact with CALIFORNIA WITCH Tuesday Phillips with scheduled appointments over the phone and sometimes in person. She will give you updates on what she founds out while working with your spirit guides, and tell you how the witchcraft spells are going.


Step 3

Once the love spell starts taking effect, it is very important that when communication lines open between you and the person that you're inquiring about, you must share the details with Tuesday Phillips California witch each time so that she can guide you through each situation. She will tell you what this person is thinking, feeling, fearful of, and what he/she desires, hopes for, and dreams of so that you can talk to this person correctly without any arguments and work out your problems with him/her.


Step 4

You must trust each other. She will tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so she expects the same from you. If you do not trust her and have faith in her, then she will not be able to help you...


Step 5

If CALIFORNIA WITCH Tuesday Phillips decide to take a case and you already had prior spell casters working for you, you will need to end communication with them. All communication between prior witches, spell casters, psychic, needs to stop once you begin working with CALIFORNIA WITCH LOVE SPELLS LOS ANGELES.  She can help block other love spell casters’ work so that we can proceed with our work together. It is crucial that no other influences should infiltrate our work together or I won’t be able to help you.


Step 6

All spell-casting and meetings between you and CALIFORNIA WITCH Tuesday Phillips will have to remain private and confidential. That being said, nothing that you discuss or do together should be talked about with other people including friends, family, boyfriends, or girlfriends. It needs to remain private and confidential at all times so that no outside negativity can interfere with your work.  Remember, she works with energy healing so it is a very important for you to keep the energy, healing, and love spells Los Angeles only between you and her. Other people negative or positive opinions may affect her Energy. Please keep your work together private during the process.



If you can agree to all of these steps, then you should have a very successful outcome! She may be tough, but she definitely gets the job done....