i had Tried another spell service and was disappointed with no results.  I found Tuesday at California and was amazed.   I was a little hesitant at first just because of my prior experience.   But I can say she is the real deal!!  You talk to Tuesday everyday and she listens and gives you great advise of what you need to do and what she has learned with your case.   Her services can be expensive but it is so worth it.  I always tell her that she is my "Fairy Godmother".  Tuesday goes way out of her way to make sure that all her cases are a success.  I would recommend her to everyone I know.

She gets results and is my "Fairy Godmother"!!!!


I contacted Tuesday because I knew that something was wrong in my life and someone was missing from my life.  I had felt like this for 27 years and I finally found the courage to contact someone for help.  I found Tuesday and she is definately my ANGEL sent from GOD.  She is totally honest and forward with you from the very beginning.  When I contacted her I told her a little bit of what was going on with me and she said to call her back in an hour and she would look into what I had told her and she would tell me if she would be able to help me or not.  I called back in an hour and she told me some things that she could not have known if she were not truely what she said she was. She told me she could help me, she told me that I would have to do and listen to everything and that I was going to need patience.  She was honest with me and told me it was not going to be easy but that she was positive she could help me and that she never fails. That my life was going to be what it was supposed to be and it was totally up to me if I wanted to go forward with it.  She never pushed me to do anything I didn't want to do. She told me to ponder on it and to make sure that it was what I wanted to do especially because it was going to take time to fix.  She told me that if I chose to let her help me that I would have to be totally honest with her.  She promised me that she would be honest with me from the very beginning and that we would have to talk on a daily basis so she could let me know how my case was going and to get my energy. I was a little hesitant at the beginning as most people would be I think, however, it didn't take me long at all to put my total trust in Tuesday.  She is everything she says she is and much more.  She will not settle on anything but the best for you. In my case there are many obsticles we are having to get rid of and every time she tells me she has gotten rid of an obsticle I can feel it before she tells me its gone that is how powerful she is. Everything she told me was going to happen has happened and I am so looking forward to the day that everything she said I'm going to have happens. For me it has been a long road however, she told me from the very beginning it was going to be. She has NEVER lied to me. Tuesday put her life on the line to help me something my own mother would not have done.  This woman is the most amazing person I know. She is truely and angel.  She walks me thru things helps me to understand what is going on and what is going to happen. Tuesday doesn't just settle she makes things happen for you. She has been there for me day and night. There was a point and time in my case that we needed to talk twice a day and she never failed to answer my calls. It is so hard to put into words everything I feel however, I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart recommend Tuesday she is totally amazing and has a gift sent from GOD!!

All the way from Washington

Thanks a million again, you're amazing. God bless you forever.



Thank you!!!! You dont know how much I appreciate everything you are doing for me.  I am staying positive however I am so so so excited about this. She said she gonna call me 2mrw that makes me so darn happy. You and I have accomplished SO much and have been thru alot together.

You are my ANGEL Tuesday you honestly are. Luv ya








After speaking with Tuesday for the first time, I could tell right off the bat that she was the real deal. She was blunt, cut straight to the chase and did not pressure me about ANYTHING. Thats a far cry from the other people I have come across in this field. She's very helpful/understanding. I completely trust her and her knowledge and am super excited to continue with this process! 


Sincerely Resident of Glendale , California  



I contacted Tuesday about 8 months ago she told me she could not help me I could not accept that needless to say I contacted other spell casters and one psychic within the last six months they all told me that they can help me that the man I was in love with was in love with me but they were's negativity and obstacles standing in my way and always wanted more and more money... Six months later no more money the guy that was in love with has married someone else I just want to apologize Tuesday you were right I wish I would have listened to you when you told me to let it go I hired Tuesday two months ago she is helping me heal and attract my Potential partners that suit fit me she has taught me so much number one to respect and love myself to think positive and to let go of Sadness and hurt and Angry feelings Tuesday you have been a blessing to me in these two months This testimonial seems so trivial I wish I could do more for you Whoever needs help you should contact Tuesday now she is truly an angel a fairy godmother Like in one of her Other testimonials another lady says ferry godmother she truly is.... You are amazing extraordinary I have no words for what I feel in my heart for you God bless you and your family


Love always and forever Manhattan



I know Tuesday for one year and going on 4 months

I contacted her over a year ago concerning my boyfriend... I'm a very successful lawyer I fell in love with Tuesday from the first time I talked to her she was so straightforward and honest....

you see for reasons I could not see it back then but see it so clearly now today I am so thankful I know Tuesday I feel like I have an angel walking next to me taking care of me and reassuring me and teaching me she is truly amazing I have no words I don't know how to describe what I feel in my heart for Tuesday.... You see she told me that my boyfriend Was in love with me and another woman she told me also that this would be very tricky and very hard to manifest the outcome I wanted I hired her and for the first 30 days that I worked with her It seemed that my boyfriend was coming more towards me but she told me to keep pushing him away and to tell him that he needs to give the other girl up before he can be with me she also explained that it was very important that I did not sleep with him of course I did not listen to her!!! to say the least for the next 30 days I kept going against what Tuesday told me to do At that point Tuesday told me she can no longer work with me and that she had to drop my caseBecause there was no way that she could help me while I was going against everything she was asking of me to do of course I was very upset devastated I was angry at her and hurt I also blamed it all on her she told me I was too desperate and that he'ssees that and he's taking advantage of it...  that anybody would take advantage of me the way I was doing things Of course I argued with her told her off...

And I truly apologize for my behavior it was totally uncalled for you see i was very angry because I know she was right Well of course I hired other spell casters and voodoo workers all of which have took my money and had no results no communicating with them. all they wanted from me when they did talk to me was money. That went on for 4 months Thousands of dollars later and my boyfriend going back and forth towards me and this other woman I find out he went to Las Vegas and married thisgirl because she was pregnant I found out on Facebook... I was floored I had no words I did not know what to do at that point I knew it was over all I kept thinking about was what Tuesday told me my practice was suffering I lost my self-respect I was devastated heartbroken and extremely confused Tuesday told me that this was going to happen because she seen it happening because she knew the direction I was going in And that there was nothing that she can do to help me because I wouldn't listen to her she told me that one of us will end up with him but she wasn't sure which one it would be a week after my boyfriend got married and got home from Las Vegas I contacted him why not add more insult to injury!!!

The conversation over the phone we had was more hurtful more painful at that point I was totally suicidal...  he told me that he needs to make it work with his wife and his new baby on the way I cannot tell you how much that hurt when I heard those words come out of his mouth the same guy who told me how much she was in love with me how much she could not live without me is now married to another woman and having a baby!!!!

I called Tuesday that night we talked for two hours on the phone she let me take it all out she let me say anything I wanted to say I talked and talked for two hours straight at that point she told me to contact her the next morning

After I got some rest and cried myself to sleep I called Tuesday and I began to ramble on again I'll never forget this she told me to shut up!!! and let her talk now Then she proceeded to tell me how happy she was that it was all over... that now I can begin to heal and this part she was willing to help me with so that I can get my life back And that she would help me and show me how I was doing things wrong how I can change my life and how I can proceed to be more successful in a better relationship I am here today and proud to say I am married and I just got the news that I'm having a baby...

thank you Tuesday there is no word to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me without you I don't think I could have made it through all of this you are truly amazing I know a lot of your clients tell you that but that word seems the best describe what you do....


Happily married in Denver


call tuesday now 310.993.5716