Energy Renewal Program

Energy renewal focuses on removing all negativity, toxicity, and emotional triggers. Spell casting packages allow me to work with and bring in positive energy and vibrations to achieve our desired results. It’s important to draw out the bad to bring in the new. When it comes to my spell packages — if you need one spell or 100 spells, we will cast as many as we see necessary to work through the situation at hand. It is extremely necessary for me to fully understand your case in detail and everything going on with your situation in order to help you. Some cases are more severe and complex than others and some easier than others. No matter the level of severity I assure you my full dedication.

The energy & spellcasting work that we will do does not solely depend on me. It is a 2-way street that equally depends on your commitment to this program, and to the work we will be doing together. If you decide to work with me, you must also be prepared to make the necessary changes in your personal life to bring my spellasting to life.

Emotional Healing Package

Discovery, clearing & healing of deep-rooted emotional pain & triggers
$475 per Month

2 month commitment (minimum)

Emotional pain can cause a lot of negative energy. It brings you down mentally, physically and spiritually. It can hold you down, causing depression, anxiety, anger and the inability to move forward. Through emotional healing we are working towards an overall emotional wellness. The Emotional Healing Package offers Spiritual guidance, mentoring, meditations, journaling topics and physical activities given after determining what works best or is most needed for your case. Take a minimum of two months to complete. Includes one phone/zoom meeting per week. 12 hours of energy healing spells per week.


Energy Healing Package

Balances & Repairs Chakras
$750 Per Month

1 month package. 1-time-fee.

This package is specifically designed to heal and repair chakras. It focuses on clearing out all negative energy from the mind, body and spirit. Once the chakras are balanced and rotating you are able to draw in on positive energy. Energy Healing & Balancing takes 30 days to complete. Includes one phone call/zoom per week.

Includes 10 hours of energy healing per week.


Subconscious Healing Package

Spells that heal deep-wounded emotional pain & past traumas.
$875 Per Month

2 month commitment

Subconscious healing is one of the most important kinds of healings we can do. Throughout our lives we become conditioned and influenced by so many things such as relationships, traumas, childhood, etc.

Our subconscious mind stores everything like data in a computer. Every thought, feeling, emotion and encounter (good or bad). This healing process helps clear out all the negativity from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is 80% stronger than the conscious mind. When we clear it from all the negativity, blockages and restore it with positive messages, affirmations and energy healing we are able to reprogram your thoughts. Subconscious Healing Package requires a 2 month commitment. Includes three phone calls/zoom meetings per week. 15 hours of energy & subconscious healing per week.


Spirit Child Healing Package

Spells that heal deep-wounded emotional pain & past traumas.
$595 Per Month

4 month commitment

Pain and triggers can stem from as far back as our childhood. We deal with pain from old habits and perspectives when we haven’t healed or fully matured emotionally as adults. This package is specifically designed to address that pain to help you mature emotionally helping to heal and protect your inner child allowing them to feel safe. The Spirit Child healing package can take a minimum of 3 months to complete. Includes three calls/zoom per week. 12 hours of spell casting per week.

Includes 10 hours of energy healing per week.

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