California Witch & You

I always assure and guarantee my dedication and passion towards my work. My work is not just a business to me, but a gift which I am very thankful for. I treat every client with the utmost care and attentiveness. Every case is different and must be evaluated first and foremost. I DO NOT accept every client. I am a firm believer of free will, the two people in question must have a strong spiritual and emotional connection and/or be in love with each other, in order for me to accept a case. For all cases I do accept be assured of my full support and devotion.

I am very blunt and honest so you will always get the truth with me. It is my calling in life to help those who are in need of spiritual care. Love Spells are my passion, and I take each individualized case very seriously. I am unique in that I not only promise genuine witchcraft spells, but I also communicate with you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

Each case is special and unique. It must be treated as so, tailored perfectly to each person’s life. I do not make promises that I can’t fully stand by. Once you contact me, I will perform a meditation analysis. After which, I will further provide information about the individual or situation you are inquiring about. I will inform you about the specifics of your situation and if there are any blockages that exist. All cases are private and confidential. I promise professionalism as I accommodate each client’s specific needs. If you’re ready to commit to lasting results you’ve come to the right place.

Witchcraft Agreements

  • If your case is accepted, it takes a minimum 30 days for me to complete a spell casting.
  • It can take up to seven days for you to start seeing results. (This varies according to each individual & their unique circumstances.)
  • Communication is vital. You must stay in contact with Tuesday Phillips at your scheduled appointment times - by phone, Zoom or FaceTime.
  • All the work we do requires absolute privacy and confidentiality.
  • Spell Casting and Energy Healing are very sensitive types of spiritual work.
  • A foundation of mutual trust & faith is crucial for Tuesday and you to succeed
  • You must comply with the Witchcraft Agreements
  • Acceptable Payment Methods: All major credit cards through PayPal - Cash App - Google Pay - Apple Pay
  • If you are agreeable to these Terms of Service, you can contact Tuesday Phillips. She will reach out to you, so you can begin molding your present situation and your future!

If you can agree to all of these steps, then you should have a very successful outcome! Tuesday Phillips may be tough, but she definitely gets the job done....




Rule 1

Telling Tuesday the TRUTH is crucial for our success.

In order for Tuesday Phillips to evaluate your situation, she will need the following details:

  1. The absolute truth
  2. Full names (yours/involving person)
  3. Date of birth (yours/involving person)

Once information is acquired Tuesday Phillips will need to evaluate the situation in order to agree to taking on your case (which takes about an hour)

Tuesday Phillips will reach out to you once she has a deeper understanding of your situation and will let you know if she can/will help you and what is the next steps


Rule 2

You must keep your appointments & stay in contact with Tuesday.

If your case is accepted, it is mandatory that you stay in contact with CALIFORNIA WITCH Tuesday Phillips with scheduled appointments over the phone/in person. She will keep you updated on any information discovered while working with your spirit guides, and tell you how the witchcraft spells are progressing.


Rule 3

Once spell casting starts, you must let Tuesday know about any changes, improvements or difficulties.COMMUNICATION is key

Tuesday will tell you what the other person is thinking, feeling, fearful of, and what he/she desires, hopes for, and dreams of. She will meditate and guide you to talk to this person correctly without any arguments and work out your problems with him/her.


Rule 4

You must have FAITH & TRUST in the process.

Without this, you will not get the outcome you desire.

Spell casting is a very sensitive type of spiritual work in order to receive all the benefits of working with Tuesday Phillips you have to have trust and faith in her work

Tuesday Phillips will never misguide you or mislead you and will always be completely honest with you and she expect the same from you.

Without a foundation of trust/faith she will not be able to help you to her full potential


Rule 5

If Tuesday agrees to accept your case, you must stop working with other spell casters & psychics.

If Tuesday agrees to accept your case, you must stop working with other spell casters & psychics.

Any outside influence from spell casters, psychics, witches, or spiritual healers not associated with California witch Tuesday Phillips.

Working with other energy healers and spell casters will damage and interfere with Tuesday’s work.Will damage any and all work completed by California Witch Tuesday Phillips.


Rule 6

All communications, spell casting and spiritual work with Tuesday are CONFIDENTIAL.

All discussions and work with Tuesday may NOT be discussed with other people — including friends, family, partners, boyfriends or girlfriends.

In order to get desired results no outside influence can be invited in to contaminate/damage the energy she is working with.

Remember, she works with energy healing so it is a very important for you to keep the energy, healing, and love spells between you and her. Other people negative or positive opinions may affect her Energy. Please keep your work together private during the process

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