The decision and desire to change your life comes when you start to awaken from a deep feeling that all or part of your life is no longer serving or fulfilling you. Wanting something different for yourself, and from having an innate knowledge that there is something better out there for you.

For some, this feeling may show up as simply wanting a life that is free from fear and anxiety. For others, this feeling may show up as wanting a life that feels more purposeful and directed. This idea of change first comes as a whisper, but over time the feeling grows and grows until it demands you to take action.

Those of us who take action embark on the journey of discovering the deeper meaning of life. It is this journey that then gives rise to the understanding of your energy, your purpose, and what your Soul has come here to achieve.

If you want to shift your life in this direction, start aligning yourself with these forces, then you must start by claiming your power back. You have to be ready and willing to stand up and take responsibility for your life and own every thought, experience, and feeling as if you chose it. When you regain this level of power, you can take the steps you need to shift your life in a positive direction.


Being unhappy or confused about the current state of your life, wanting to change because your old ways don’t seem to be working for you. Feeling unsupported by life, and the disappointed with the opportunities presented to you. This frustration and pain can build and build.

Your uneasy and unsatisfied feelings become so overwhelming that you no longer can tolerate living your life the way you currently are. From this place of darkness, frustration, and questioning, you begin to understand that your life doesn’t have to be this way, and that there is an alternative. Your awareness begins to expand, and when you really look at yourself and who you are — a part of you that has been asleep, finally begins to awaken.

We try to escape from negative emotions such as frustration, anger, fear, or pain, but the truth is we can’t. You can try to avoid or suppress them, but try as you might, they will only fester and begin to take over your life. You start to bury yourself under layers of protective shields, losing touch with who you are and what you really want, allowing these negative energies to control and shape your life. To confront your fears and pain, you don’t need to have it all figured out. You simply have to sit in a comfortable and soothing environment which I provide, enabling you to face your fears head-on.

With mindful energy and witchcraft spells, you and I working together can move through negative emotional, behavioral, thought and energy patterns. This process helps you to understand where the negative emotions are coming from and what they are trying to show you. Allowing emotion in and really feeling it can be challenging, but it allows you to actually process it. Once you do this, you can overcome and rebuild your whole outlook on life.

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